Top Hospital Rankings for 2018

Sept. 19, 2018 — The Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic, and Massachusetts General Hospital are among the top U.S. hospitals in 2018 for a number of non-cancer conditions and procedures, according to Medscape’s Physicians’ Choice survey.

Hospitals can vary in how much expertise, innovation, and experience they offer in treating certain conditions or performing lifesaving procedures. Doctors — who often speak with other doctors, go to conferences, and read medical journals — are likely to have more knowledge about standout hospitals as well as a sense of where they would go for medical care themselves. Medscape surveyed its users who are doctors for their opinions.

Medscape identified 10 diseases, disorders, and procedures and asked, “Suppose you or someone in your family were diagnosed with a complex or difficult case of (condition). Assuming no barriers to treatment at the hospital you prefer, what hospital would you choose for treatment?”

A total of 11,549 U.S. doctors (63% male) responded to the online survey between May 17 and Aug. 13, 2018.

Doctors felt the most important part of choosing a hospital (for non-cancer conditions) was expertise, followed by a hospital’s reputation among other doctors.

Doctors’ top three hospitals for heart conditions and for heart surgery are the Cleveland Clinic (1), Mayo Clinic Hospital Methodist Campus (2), and Massachusetts General Hospital (3).

Cardiologists’ top picks for those two categories are Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic Hospital Methodist Campus, and New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center.

Doctors’ top three hospitals for stroke care (in rank order) are Mayo Clinic Hospital Methodist Campus, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Cleveland Clinic. Stroke specialists favor these hospitals as well, and also cited New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center and the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Top three for hip replacement among doctors are the Hospital for Special Surgery, Mayo Clinic Hospital Methodist Campus, and the Cleveland Clinic. Specialists in hip replacement also favor these hospitals, plus New England Baptist Hospital and Rush University Medical Center.

For multiple sclerosis (MS): Mayo Clinic Hospital Methodist Campus, the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital. These are also favorites among MS specialists, as are the Cleveland Clinic and UCSF Medical Center Parnassus.

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