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Get answers to your vitamin questions

(NC) Many of us may run into the local store to grab our vitamins, or toss a bottle in the cart while going up and down the aisles. After perusing shelves and shelves of vitamin and supplement options, we often just choose a brand we’re most familiar with. However, it may not be the best […]

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Peanuts and cucumber give salmon a fresh, crunchy nutrition boost

(NC) Here’s an easy and light dinner option that combines the fresh tastes of lime and jalapeno, and delivers healthy omega-3 fatty acids. This recipe considers the nutrition needs of...

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Tips to beat the morning rush with Tracy Simon

(NC) Two-time Grey Cup champion Geroy Simon, receiver for the B.C. Lions, knows a thing or two about being busy. When he’s not breaking records for the CFL, Geroy and his wife Tracy...