U.S. Sen. John McCain Dies Of Brain Cancer

CNN: “John McCain Fast Facts.”

Office of U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Ktrh.iheart.com: “Sen. John McCain Says He Will Be ‘Back To Work September.’ “

Facebook: John McCain, Aug. 9, 2017.

The Washington Post: “The Health 202: Here’s why John McCain voted ‘no’ on health care.”

U.S. News & World Report: “John McCain, Prisoner of War: A First-Person Account.”

Vanity Fair: “Prisoner of Conscience.”

AP News: “Despite cancer diagnosis, McCain says, ‘I’ll be back soon.’ ”

The Washington Post: “McCain fudges his Navy record.”

United States Naval Academy: “Notable Graduates.”

The New York Times: “At 78, McCain Savors a New Dream Job in the Senate.”

National Public Radio: “The Capital City Contemplates The Possibility Of A Washington Without John McCain.”

Saturday Night Live: “John McCain Sketches.”

National Public Radio: “Doctors Say McCain’s Skin Cancer Unlikely to Return.”

Twitter: @SenJohnMcCain, July 20, 2017.

CNN: “John McCain, senator and former presidential candidate, dies at 81.”

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