Organic Hazelnuts/Filberts by Food to Live (Raw, No Shell, Kosher, Bulk) — 55 Pounds

Price: $421.98

Hazelnuts, or filberts, have been used to create various culinary masterpieces for many centuries. Their exceptional taste and the health benefits they offer make these nuts one of the best snacks you can find. Nutritional Value: Top-quality Filberts from Food to Live are 100% natural and packed with essential nutrients, including extra-large amounts of: – Copper – Manganese – Vitamin E Hazelnuts are great for your health and can be incorporated into any diet. As they are rich in dietary fiber and proteins, they can be a nice complement to a weight loss program. Directions: You can place your bag of nuts in a refrigerator to keep them fresh for longer. Be sure to lock the bag securely after every use. Filberts have a great number of culinary uses. They taste amazing on their own and go extremely well with vegetables, sweet pastries, and desserts. You can use Food to Live Hazelnuts to make delicious filbert butter or milk. Please be aware it is not possible to remove skin from Raw Hazelnuts. In order to remove skin from Hazelnuts, they should roasted or blanched first. Storage: Hazelnuts may develop an “off” flavor from oxidation. High temperatures, humidity and direct light could speed the oxidation process up. To prevent oxidation, Hazelnuts should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. Once the package is opened, Hazelnuts should be eaten within a week or two and stored in a refrigerator or a freezer. To restore Hazelnuts’ flavor and crisp, they could be toasted gently at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes. This product is processed in a facility that also processes wheat. WARNING: Contains Tree Nuts!Buy Premium Quality Hazelnuts only from Food to Live and SOLD by Food to Live. BEWARE of imitations – we believe in quality nuts.
Raw Whole Nuts, Unsalted, Shelled, Delicious & Healthy. Contain no additives or preservatives and are grown without pesticides
Organic, Non-GMO, Natural, Highest Quality, Highest Purity, Large Size.
Hazelnuts contain nearly 91 percent monounsaturated fat and less than 4 percent saturated fat.
Hazelnut also contributes significant amounts of protein, fiber, iron, phosphorus, vitamins B1, B2, C, and E, folate and many other essential nutrients. Replacing a less nutrient dense snack with heart healthy and flavorful hazelnuts has many health benefits.

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